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Our fee structure


The basic fee of £349 will introduce you to a mindtor who has been successfully interviewed, speaks excellent English and has had two positive references from validated referees.

This fee also includes a proper contract, which you can chose to use and which will establish a legal and sensible binding agreement for both parties.


The fee is due once you decide to engage a mindtor and before the mindtor begins working for you. You are free to interview candidates without paying, but will need to sign a contract with us obliging you to pay if you want to engage the candidate.


The fee is exclusively for matching you to a suitable mindtor. Though every mindtor has been assessed for her/his reliability by references, there is no guarantee that a mindtor will stay on for a given length of time.


A mindtor expects £12/hour. We don't charge them anything and you will be paying the mindtor directly.


If you need two mindtors to cover the position, the fee for the second one is £299.


We strongly suggest that your mindtor has an updated criminal record check (DBS, previously known as a CRB check) and will organise this for you for £99 (per check needed).


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