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Why choose Mindtors?


Mindtors was founded in 2014 by Margaret McGeehan and Anne Petersen, two mums of primary school children, struggling to find after school carers who could help with the homework.

The Mindtors mission

To give primary school children an afternoon to look forward to in the peace and quiet of their own home, and to make sure that parents get to enjoy the evenings with their children without the stress of having to get the homework sorted.


Why we are different

We actively try to find students who really enjoy playing with, teaching and talking to children. We only ever take on students twho we would be happy to leave with our own children and we have met and liked every single mindtor.


The worst thing for everybody would be if the student leaves after only a short time, so we try to make sure that the students only apply for and accept positions that they actually want.


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