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Frequently asked questions


Q. Will I always get the same mindtor?

A. Yes. You will only ever have one mindtor working for you at one time, unless you have agreed a job-share and are employing two mindtors.


Q. Can I use child care vouchers with you or with a mindtor?

A. No, the mindtors are university students and usually not Ofsted registered.


Q. Has every mindtor had a DBS check?

A. No. Some do, as they may have had another job requiring one, but most don't. We are happy to sort one out, if you prefer. Our price for this is £99.


Q. Do the mindtors drive?

A. Some do, but most don't and very few have a car.


Q. Do all mindtors speak English?

A. Yes. We require a high level of English, equivalent to IELTS 7.0 to take on a student. Ocassionally, we might take on a student whose English is not quite up to standard if that student speaks a language in high demand. e.g. Mandarin or French, but we would then only send that student to families looking for this particular skill.


Q. How do I pay the mindtor?

A. The mindtor expects £12/hour, possibly negotiable for full days. You employ the mindtor directly and pay the mindtor directly. If the hours are set, then a weekly direct debit transfer is the easiest way to pay. We don't take a cut of the mindtors' salary.


Q. What happens if the mindtor leaves after only a short time?

A. This is fortunately very rare. We try to make sure that the mindtors are geniunely happy about the job and we try to pick students who appreciate that a job like this should be for two academic terms at the very least, as it is extremely upsetting for children when a carer leaves. If something goes wrong within the first four weeks, we will try to find a replacement and fail that, we will refund half the fee.


Q. Do I have to pay a new fee for a new mindtor?

A. Yes. Unless there are exceptional circumstances and something has gone very wrong indeed within the first four weeks then each replacement mindtor comes with a new matching fee. So far, we have managed to avoid this situation.


Q Do I need insurance?

A. Yes, if you employ a person, you should have employer’s liability insurance, which will protect you from any claim in case something happens to the mindtor while he or she is working for you. It is best to contact the provider of your home contents insurance first and ask them if they will cover childcare providers working in your home.


Usual cost is around £100 a year and this will then make sure that if something happens to the mindtor while he or she is working for you, there will be insurance to meet the claim. The Government is adamant that you should have this insurance.


Please see link below for more information on insurance.



Q. If I employ a mindtor, do I have to register as their employer with HMRC?

A. Usually not. When the mindtor is earning less than £113 per week and working for you is their only job, then you do not have to register as their employer with HMRC. However, if working for you is the mindtor’s second job and if that means that the mindtor will be earning more than £113, than yes, you should register as their employee with HMRC.


Details are on https://www.gov.uk/employing-staff


If you are going to register as an employer, you should ask the mindtor to get his or her tax code split across his/her employers so everyone is paying a fair share. The mindtor needs to contact HMRC directly to ask for this, the number for them to call is 0300 200 3300 and they will need their national insurance number to do this.


Q. How do I register with HMRC?

A. Ifyou wish to manage the employer process on your own, just register with HMRC here and follow their guidelines:



There are also companies that are happy to provide this service. Search for nanny and tax.


Q If I register with HMRC, will I be sent a huge tax bill?

A. This is not very likely assuming that the mindtor has split his or her tax code so that you are only paying your share of the bill. As mindtors tend to work a few hours per week, any tax is likely to be a very small amount.


Q. Will I have to pay for a pension for the mindtor?

A. Usually not. Automatic enrolment is a new law which requires all employers to make sure they have a pension in place for their employee, including part-time after-school nannies! However, there are various exceptions such as:

The employee has to be at least 22 years old and earn above the tax free allowance to be eligible. These two caveats should rule out most of the mindtors from this entitlement. However, a mindtor who is over 22 and earning above the tax free allowance (due to this being their second job), may be able to ask you to provide a pension.


This law is being introduced gradually so does not necessarily apply straight away and the amount an employer has to provide is 2% of the value of the salary.


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