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We'll find you an excellent after-school carer

Mindtors is a shortcut to the perfect after-school carer.


You could advertise for an after-school carer yourself and spend your evenings going through CVs, interviewing and reference checking. Or you could ask us to match you with a mindtor and, usually, you'd just need to do one interview!


Our mindtors are university students who enjoy being around children. They are neither childminders nor tutors, but many of them have worked with children before and all are great role models and willing and able to help your child do his or her homework.


Many mindtors play an instrument and can help making sure that those 10 or 15 minutes spent practising make a difference.

All our mindtors speak excellent English and are enrolled in degree courses at one of London or Kingston's recognised universities.


We have met and liked every single mindtor, and checked her/his references and ID. We can also supply your preferred mindtor with a criminal record check, if you like.


The matching process begins as soon as we have your online application. We will then get back to you within two days with a few questions and proceed from there.


When we have a suitable mindtors lined up, you can arrange to meet her or him in your home. If all goes well, your family will have a mindtor; otherwise we will try again.


The mindtor will be working for you directly - we only provide the match. Once you've found yourself a suitable mindtor, we will send you a contract of employment, which you are free to use with the mindtor, as part of our service.

Please note that since most mindtors are only free to work two or three days a week, you may need two mindtors to cover four or five days.




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